1. Hi. I bought and really like your Learn Chinese app. I have the 1.2 version, and it really helps me with the stroke order, as I´m trying to learn to write chinese characters. The pinyin search is surprisingly fast. However, I do much search in the english search field and there the UI is very unresponsive. When I enter a letter it takes a few seconds before I even get the letter confirmation callout at the point where I press. It can take a lot of time for me to recover from a typo because I type words blindly with no feedback from the keyboard.

    Do you have any plans to improve performance in this area of the app? Perhaps running the search in a different thread? Or waiting to search until the user press the search button. Automagic search is wonderful, but not if it comes at the cost of bogging down the text input, in my opinion.

    I run the app on my 8GB iPod Touch.

  2. 請問為什麼經常跳出"不是正版"的訊息,我的iPad2沒有JB,是在Apple Store購買的呀!

  3. 軟件裡找不到服務支援,是否能提供一下協助呢?

  4. I am a little angry. Author, I am a paid user. Pls tell me how can I have no notice of “cracked”!
    我是付费用户 请告诉如何才能不显示被破解的通知。请邮件联系我 2213389#gmail.com

  5. 您好